Hitachi Lithium-ion Miter Saw – For the Best Cutting Experience

One of the most important tools to have in any construction site is a lithium-ion miter saw. This is because metal, wood and stone sometimes need to be cut using a saw in order to get certain angles right. Hitachi is one of the respectable companies that is known for making a wide variety of tools. In recent times, the company has produced the Hitachi C10FSB miter saw which is a world class cutting tool. It cannot be compared to other miter saws as it uses advanced technology in the adjustments of angles when cutting certain material.

I would like to advise that before going on with the information herein, it would be good to do some research and find out what other people are saying about the Hitachi C10FSB. Read as many reviews as possible, including this one, so that if you desire to purchase it, you know what you are getting and how it can best help you. With that said, we will look at some of the features and characteristic of this lithium-ion powered miter saw.

The cutting capabilities that come with this saw are just awesome. The saw comes with a blade that is rotating so that it can be able to cut whatever material it is introduced to. Compared to other miter saws in the market, the Hitachi C10FSB is quite affordable and delivers as expected.

The miter saw can be powered using lithium ion batteries or directly from the electricity mains. This makes it a good tool. When connected to the mains, the lithium batteries are automatically recharged even when the tool is in use when getting power from the mains.

The tool comes with high productivity and efficiency. It is efficient in the sense that one can regulate the speed at which the blade rotates when it is cutting across materials. With this kind of regulation, the user has control over the miter saw.

The Hitachi C10FSB is powered by a 12amp electric motor which produces 3800 rotations per minute (rpm). This speed can be regulated so that a user may have more control over the saw. This miter saw runs on the Poly V-belt technology. The advantage of this technology is that it prevents recoil and there is less sound produced when the tool is in use. To protect the motor from wearing out quickly, there is a motor overload protection.

Finally, this tool has provided safety by having a cover over the blade and an electrical braking system. When the stop button is pressed, the blade turns off immediately.

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